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Lars Menk <Lmenk@...>

Dear friends and fellow genners:

I'm looking for the family of Lieselotte FROEHLICH, who was born in Koeln /
Cologne (Germany) on 06 Oct 1920, a daughter of Arthur FROEHLICH (b. 1885 in
Koeln) and Frida NOAH (b. 1897 in Berlin), who were both carried off >from
Koeln to Ghetto Lodz in Poland on 30 Oct 1941 and perished in the Shoah.

Lieselotte FROEHLICH fled to the Netherlands in 1939 and later emigrated to
the USA. She was living in New York (city or metropolitan area), married to
a man >from whom I only know his surname's initial, B... (But that may be a

Lieselotte's grandmother, Sophia FROEHLICH nee JUELICH (b. 1839 in Bad
Godesberg), was a sister of my ancestor, Julie JUELICH (b. 1832).

I'd appreciate every little bit of information that could help me finding
the family of Lieselotte. Please answer privately! Thanks a lot in advance.

With kind regards, Shalom,

Lars Menk Berlin (Germany)

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