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Andreas Schwab <andreas.schwab@...>

Stefan Rohrbacher wrote:
"Heh, vav, yod, nun, ayyin" ... is a "precise" rendering of "Haune".
He is right, and I was wrong. [See below * ] Note that the YIVO transliteration
does not include "au" because it does not occur in Yiddish. German "au"
corresponds to Yiddish "oy" (German "Baum" = Yiddish "boym") and is
correspondingly transcribed "waw yod".

Sorry for the confusion.

Andreas Schwab, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada <andreas.schwab@...>

* The above is a correction of an earlier message. Mr. Schwab first wrote:
"In fact, "Heh, vav, yod, nun, ayyin" is transcribed as "Hoine",
"Heune" or Haeune" (ae = a-umlaut). "Haune would be ""Heh, alef, yod,
nun, ayyin"."

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