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Marian Brown

Hi All,

I've been unable to use Viewmate because it is out of use and I'm hoping
someone can translate a small Bamberg document which I think is a
census. If someone would volunteer I will then send the document as an
attachment. GerSIG does not accept attachments.

What I know is that it has Koppel RAUH born in Kueps / KUPS u umlaut
and Hannah (Mack) RAUH born in Altenkunstadt. Koppel died in 1895 and
Hannah died in 1894 but I can't decifer the exact dates.

I'm curious to know what the column headings are and what other information
is on the document. Also, is this a census? If so, it's strange because
it has the death dates. Thanks so much,

Marian Brown Cincinnati, OH <brownm@...>

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