German SIG #Germany Re: Visit to Aschaffenburg - Pogromnacht THANK YOU ! #germany

H Peter Sinclair <peter@...>

Dear Gersigers

I feel Werner Hirsch, the producer and commentator, is to be very
warmly congratulated on his unique and remarkable production of this
outstanding video, available on the Internet to millions of people all
over the world. I am forwarding his message to all my friends and relatives!

Happy Chanukah >from Peter Sinclair (London, UK) <>

Werner Hirsch New Haven, CT wrote on December 19, 2008:
Visit to Aschaffenburg - Pogromnacht

The city of Aschaffenburg (Bavaria) invited all of its former Jewish
residents to return for a program marking the 70th anniversary of
Pogromnacht (Crystal Night).
I have recently returned >from that trip and have prepared a short video
of my experiences. If you would like to see it, click here:
I would welcome any comments that you have.

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