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Hello all,
I am hoping that someone can help me find the maiden name of a relative.
Her married name was Henny LORSCH and she was born in 1898 in Ortenberg, Germany.
She married her husband, Bernard LORSCH, born in Leusel, Germany and had a
child, Helmuth, born around 1922 in Ortenberg. My guess is she married
in Ortenberg around 1920 since she was born there and had her child there a
year later. All three family members left Germany in March of 1934 for America.
They eventually settled in Chicago where I think Henny died (I do not know
the death year or exact location) and then her husband, Bernard, remarried
a woman named Margaret.

I would really appreciate any suggestions how to find Henny's maiden name.
I have already searched the Cook County records and found nothing on her. I
looked at the immigration papers but no maiden name mentioned there either.
I might need some help in asking the archives for Ortenberg. Does anyone
know which archives would have Ortenberg records? Thanks again.

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