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I have just come across a book published in 2007 by Anna Fischer,
Erzwungener Freitod (Forced Suicide) which lists over 1,700 Berlin Jews who
committed suicide as a result of Nazi persecution and/or fear of
deportation. The subtitle to the book misleadingly states that it covers
the years 1938-1945, but, in fact, the listing begins in 1933. The
information is organized by year, and then alphabetically, with name,
including maiden name, and dates of birth and death. Most of these persons
were buried in the Weissensee cemetery, smaller numbers in Stahnsdorf and a
few in other places. The book also contains brief biographical sketches and
photographs for 43 of these persons/families.

A comparison of these names with those in the Bundesarchiv's Gedenkbuch
shows that virtually none of the persons who perished before 1936 are
included. After that date, most, but not all, of the names appear in the
Gedenkbuch, sometimes with the notation "Freitod" (suicide), sometimes not.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <>

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