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Hello Fellow Genners! I am pleased to say that I have been slowly making my way
through my mum's paternal side. I found that my great-great grandmother,
Caroline KELLER nee CONRAD was born in 1830 in a village called Friederichshof,
Prussia, supposedly not far >from Berlin.

I am not positive on my spelling of this village and very little information
comes up when I try to search for Frederichshof. Does anyone know anything
about it? Caroline had a total of 12 children with Isaac KELLER. They later
moved to London where Caroline passed away at the ripe age of 101 in 1931.
She is buried at Edmonton Cemetery in England.

I have only been able to access the Naturalisation papers for Jules KELLER
(one of the sons) so I have no further information. These papers did state
that both Caroline and Isaac were both former subjects of the Empire of Germany.
One thing to note is that Caroline was well educated for her time. Before coming
to England, she spoke German, Polish, Russian and Hebrew. Perhaps I am too quick
in making an assumption that her family was not poor. I know when the family
moved to England, they were not.

I am most grateful for anyone's information on this area. Please respond
privately unless you think your info would be of value to the group.

Thank you, Jeni Armandez Los Angeles, CA <jeni.armandez@...>

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