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I have previously mentioned the extensive book written by Gerd Friedt
and published through the
"Heimatverein" of the town of Kerpen: "Carpena Judaica". ISBN
978-3-00-026154-1; pp448 (2008).
This book is about the history of the Jewish Families of Kerpen since
the middle ages, the cemeteries, and some genealogical data, plus a
many details about their lives and deaths.

They have only printed 500 copies and I have been provided one by the
author after he presented it on
9 November 2008 at a gathering in Kerpen.
The book can be purchased via the archivist/ Chairperson of the
Heimatsfreunde Verein of the town of Kerpen,
<> for 15 Euros plus postage (~
E 9.00 when sent by ship; about 4-6 weeks).
The LBI in New York has received a copy.

I have provided the table of Content and the Content of each of the
four main sections, plus a list of families covered in Section 4, and
a short CV of Mr. Friedt >from the back cover of the book.
This material can be accesses by going to:

The entire book is in German, with the exception of the 'Introduction
to the Mohel Book of Isaac KAUFMANN', which I translated for him
into English (pp. 262-269)

If anyone has questions about anything in the book, please address
them to this writer rather than Mr. Friedt, who has a full time job.

Gunther Steinberg Portola Valley CA 94028

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