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In February 1940 Pomerania was one of the first regions in Germany to
undergo mass deportations of Jews, in this case to the Polish towns of
Piaski, Glusk and Belcyce, all in the Lublin area. Most perished there,
while others were sent on to various death camps.

A USHMM list of these 1,127 Jews (actually a few of them non-Jews, but
family members of Jews) has been sent for indexing to Jewishgen. The names
of most of these persons already appear in the latest German Gedenkbuch.
However, this collection includes information not included in the Gedenkbuch,
such as profession, marital status and parents' names including maiden names.

It will take Jewishgen some time to process this information. In the
meantime, researchers who have reason to believe that family members were
deported >from Pomerania may email me at and I will
check the material. However, please do not contact me with general
inquiries unrelated to Pomerania.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <>

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