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On February 25 the German Government will turn over to the United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum its Residenten Liste (database) containing the
names of about 550,000 Jews who were resident in Germany prior to the Nazi
regime. This database, which had previously been given to Yad Vashem,
includes name, date and place of birth and fate (e.g. emigration, death in
the Holocaust, etc.) to the extent known. It is far more extensive than the
German Gedenkbuch (Memorial Book) which listed about 125,000 German Jews who
had perished in the Holocaust, since it is estimated that about 80 percent
of Jews resident in Germany prior to Hitler did not perish in the Holocaust.

Procedures for access at the USHMM to the new database will be established
and announced. Due to German privacy laws this material may not be placed
on the web.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <>

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