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Manuela Wyler <m.wyler@...>

One has to know that most of the data in the Residenten list, is a
compilation of various sources. Most are secondary sources, given to the
German federal archives postwar. For France and Belgium it is both based on
compilations ( like the Klarsfeld lists) and reports >from the War victim
administration, based on research in the 50's, the POT of Yad Vashem are
also used. ( but not the POT images)

I used this material while I worked at the company who built the software
and noted a few/a lot of inaccuracies regarding the fate of German refugees
in France. As data >from ITS are included it may give clues for researchers to
look for places they had no previous awareness.

Congratulations to the USHMM.

Manuela Wyler, Lyon, France

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