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Irene Newhouse

Celia, [and all]
There is much, much more on Dr. Curt W. Bondy on his German wikipedia
page,, which also mentions Gross Breesen.
With online translators, this page should be quasi-accessible to anyone,
regardless of German language ability.

I don't have time to develop the subject much more [my mother was a Gross
Breesener, and I recall meeting Dr. Bondy as a child when he visited the US],
but the future Dr. Werner Tom Angress was much involved in trying to help
Gross Breeseners in Holland get entrance visas to other countries.

He wrote a book that has been published in both English & German;
the English title is "Between Fear and Hope", which may contain more
information on the emigrants to the UK. I have no financial interest
in the book. One group was permitted to enter the US because a philanthropist
had arranged to buy a farm in Virginia in their names, which is why
the Virginia Holocaust Museum was the site of the exhibit associated

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