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Here is a summary of the article about Kenya mentioned by Jachim Modern:
Immigrant in Kenya, by Bandi (no last name given)
in : Juedisches Nachrichtenblatt Wien, year 1939, issue, 17 page 6
On line version provided by the German National Library at

(See John Paul Lowens's GerSig posting of Sat, 22 Apr 2006 for
navigation instructions).

The article is in form of a letter written by a recent immigrant to
his uncle back in Gernamy. Bandi lives at a farm as a paying guest
while he? she? is learning English and Swahili. Agriculture is the
only viable option for an European immigrant. Of the 17,000 European-
descent people living in Kenya, 400 are Jews, of which 150 are
immigrants. 5,000 Europeans live in Nairobi, and 8,000 in other
cities, the rest live in the countryside. There are 30,000 Indians,
dominating retail commerce and services. To become an independent
farmer, a capital of 1,000 to 1,500 pounds is needed. A black worker
earns 7 reichsmarks and 30 kg maize flour a month. It is difficult to
get an immigrant visa, and a 50 pound deposit is required for the
first 12 months plus 50 pounds in cash. The rest is about climate,
landscape, and wildlife.

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