German SIG #Germany Revised INTRO Re: SCHIFF #germany

S. Marina Lynch <marinalynch@...>

Hello GerSig,
This is a correction of my INTRO message of yesterday.

The first name spelling of my grandmother is: Lieselotte (not Lieselotta)

I have identified the name and approximate birth date of Lieselotte
SCHIFF my grandmother. Lieselotte SCHIFF was born approx. 1917 in
Darmstadt, Germany. I assume this date because I was told she was 18
years of age when she became pregnant with my mother and was sent to
Handorf then to Munster-Westf. to give birth to my mother Erika, then
put her up for adoption in an orphanage in Munster-Westf. My mother was
born on September 9th, 1935.

My primary research goals now are to find out who my family SCHIFF is
(also for health reasons) and to find my grandmother Lieselotte SCHIFF.

Thank you, Sandy Marina Lynch MARINALYNCH@AOL.COM Milton, MA (USA)

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