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In 1943-44 thousands of Jews were deported >from Italy to Auschwitz, where
most perished. While most of these were Italian, there were thousands of
Jews >from other countries who had fled to Italy in the hope of avoiding Nazi

Drawing on Lilianne Picciotto's Il Libro della Memoria, I prepared a list
for Jewishgen of all (229 names) Jews born in Germany who had been deported
to Auschwitz.

Very few of these persons are presently included in the Bundesarchiv's
Gedenkbuch and their names do not generally appear in the ITS archives.

Copies of the list are being sent to both institutions and it is hoped that
the Bundesarchiv will add the names in their on-line version.

The information on each individual is extremely rich, including parent's
and other family members' names. However, at this point I have only chosen
to include those persons born in Germany, since citizenship is not given,
and this limitation more easily fits Bundesarchiv requirements.

Virtually every European nationality, and even a few Americans, were among
those deported, and there were probably more Austrian Jews listed than
German Jews. Until the list appears on Jewishgen, if any readers have
questions regarding specific individuals, German or other, who were believed
to have fled to Italy, they may contact me at

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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