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Linda Shefler

I just received some new information regarding the descendants of Nathan
STRAUSS. Nathan was born in Storndorf, Hessen in 1844. He died in
Butzbach, Hessen in 1905. All of his children were born in Butzbach and I
am looking for the descendants (or any information) regarding the following
of Nathan STRAUSS and Fanny nee KAUFMANN's children:

Karl Hermann STRAUSS (1869) and married to Henrietta. Their 3 children all
managed to escape Germany and settled in NY. They are:
1)Hans STRAUSS who was married and had a son and daughter (names unknown).
2)Max STRAUSS (born ~1900 in Frankfurt) and married to Gertrude Bertha (born
~1907 in Frankfurt). They immigrated in 1938 with their children Rolf N.
STRAUSS (1929) and Ellen Suzanne STRAUSS (1937).
3) A daughter whose name is unknown.

Max STRAUSS (1874) was married to Sophie. They escaped with their daughter
Elsa to Brazil. Elsa, who died in 1974, was married to Augusto LOHNSTEIN.

Walther STRAUSS (1886) was married to Flora. They escaped via Shanghai and
joined their daughter in Chicago in 1948. Their daughter Mathilde STRAUSS
(1911-1990) was married to Curt Samuel WICKERT and they arrived in San
Francisco >from Shanghai in 1940 with their 2 year old son Paul WICKERT.
They later had another son Steven, presumably in Chicago.

If anyone is familiar with any of these families please respond privately.

Many thanks, Linda Silverman Shefler, Moshav Mishmeret

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