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Dear Gersiggers

I am looking for some guidance in tracing our family >from Kaliningrad. I
have reviewed all previous gersig correspondence and made some progress but
it would be extraordinarily helpful if there was someone with experience in
researching Kaliningrad who would be prepared to give me some help/mentoring
as there are clearly a lot of sources but which are worthwhile etc.
The Kaliningrad family (who left in about 1933)are

1.Father Kurt Salomon ASCHKANASY. born in Kaliningrad on 3 May 1906.
Qualified Medicine at Albertus University Koenigsberg 1932.
2. Grandfather Willy ASCHKANASY born Kaliningrad 20 May 1878 qualified in
Medicine(presumably Albertus) and received membership of Koenigsberg
Science Association on 8th February 1909.
Lived at i PR Kneiphofsche Langgasse 37, married to Lina KUTZWOR daughter of
Heimann KUTZWOR and Caecilie RAPPOPORT who lived and had a shop in Lautnen
(Now Gromovo in Kaliningrad)Caecilie was probably born in Kaliningrad in a
large family her Father was Salomon RAPPOPORT and mother Bertha JACOBSOHN

3.Great Grandfather Salomon ASCHKANASY born around 1850 probably in
Kaliningrad and married to Flora LUBLINER

Any help would be great

Michael Maisey London England michael@...

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