German SIG #Germany Philly2009: Tours and Film Festival #germany


We are very pleased to tell you that the tours being offered during
the conference and the films being shown for the Film Festival are now
at the conference web site:

(1) Tours. You may now register for the wonderful tours being offered.

If you have already registered, go to Registration Update (you will
need your Log-in and password received with your registration
confirmation). Click on "optional programs" and select the tour or
tours you want to take.

If you have not registered yet, please do so now so you can sign up
for the tours, as well as all the other fee based options that are

There are 3 walking tours, 4 bus tours, and 2 cemetery visits for
research available. You can find information about these specific
trips by going to the Program and searching in the "Session Topic" box
for Sightseeing Tours or Cemetery Visits. Or, you can click on the
left hand button on the home page for "Travel and Tours." Please
carefully read our advice for those taking tours and/or going on the
cemetery visits for research.

The deadline for purchasing tickets for trips is Sunday, July 19, 2009
at 11:59 pm US central time. Should you purchase a ticket and then
wish to cancel your reservation, you must do so before Sunday, July
19, 2009 at 11:59 pm US central time for a full refund. Cancellations
after that date will not receive a refund.

However, we urge you to make your reservation before June 30 because
we must inform the bus company in early July as to the number of
registrants. Low ticket purchases at that point will likely lead to

You may purchase trip tickets for guests who are not registered for
the conference. Once you are at the conference, you can check at the
registration desk to see if tickets are still available for purchase.

(2) Film Festival. The complete schedule for the IAJGS Conference
Film Festival is now online. You can view each film in the context of
the entire day of programs by going
directly to the link at:

If you want to view just the films at a glance, go to "Session Topic"
and click on "Film Festival" and then "Search." If you click on the
film's title, the descriptive section with a synopsis and photos will
pop up.

Please note that some of the films are being shown more than once
during the conference week to make it easier to catch them. Many of
the films have speakers
attending -- filmmakers, researchers, or participants in the creative
process -- who will introduce their work and then discuss and/or take
Q & A afterwards.

The Film Festival is open to all conference registrants and attendance
does not require any addition fee payments.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Philly,

Anne Feder Lee and David Mink, Philly2009 Co-Chairs

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