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Liz James

I am trying to find the exact birth dates and or location of the children of
Emmanuel SELIGMANN born Wangen, 3 April 1852 and Jeanetta WEIL born 23 Jun
1853 Lengnau, Switzerland.

1. Friedl SELIGMANN, was probably born in 1884, and died in Israel in 1946.
(Correct date and Location?)
2. Albert SELIGMANN, died as an infant on 30 April 1884 in Wangen.
3. Isidor SELIGMANN, died as an infant on 30 Jul 1885 in Wangen.
4. Josef SELIGMANN, was born on 15 Jul 1887 in Wangen, died possibly as
Joseph MEYERS in the USA.
5. Seline SELIGMANN, born on 10 Apr 1889 in Konstanz, and died on 3 Apr 1969
in Australia
6. Berthold Bena SELIGMANN, was born on 25 Dec 1892 in Wangen, and died on 9
Nov 1914 France WW1
7. Henny SELIGMANN was born on 18 Jan 1893 in ? and died in 1973 in
Lucerne, Switzerland (Location?)

In particular I am looking for the place of birth of Friedl and Henny, and
as I plan to be in Germany in the next few weeks I would like to ask advice
as to what archives I should contact to locate the above birth dates and
locations of the family members?

Thankyou for your help, Liz James, Melbourne, Australia

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