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I would like to find out whether my maternal grandfather Richard SCHWARZ's
male siblings were married; if so, to whom, and whether they had children:

Sigmund SCHWARZ, born 3 June 1860 in Muenchen;

Hermann SCHWARZ (, born 28 April 1869 in Muenchen, perished in
Terezin 15 November 1942;

Felix SCHWARZ (Dr.jur.), born 24 January 1875 in Muenchen.

Their father (my ggf) was Samuel SCHWARZ, born 25 October 1822, died 23
March 1895 in Munchen. (u umlaut)

I will be grateful for any specific leads to spouses and/or descendants of
these men.

Oliver Bryk (San Francisco) oliverbryk@...

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