German SIG #Germany Re: Jewish register in East- and middle Germany before war #germany

Roger Lustig

These are printouts of the so-called Gatermann films. They are all
available >from the Family History Library and have microfilm numbers
beginning with 1184 and 1185.

Note also that the lists were compiled >from the headers of the films,
and that those headers contain many errors and omissions. For instance,
the "Grottkau" cemetery register is in fact a partial register of one of
the Breslau cemeteries.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research co-ordinator, GerSIG

Fred Zimmak / Stockholm, Sweden Fred.Zimmak@... wrote:
Surfing around in Internet I found this interesting page at the Jewish

museum in Frankfurt.
If I understand it right they have paper(?) copies of Jewish registers from
East and middle Germany before war. At least I found my town Stuhm.

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