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Rena McDonald <renamcdonald424@...>

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for
about 5 years, but I recently got serious about it. I consider myself to be
a beginner in doing German Jewish Genealogy research.

I live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama in the USA. My native language is English,
and that is the only language I speak fluently. I'm pretty comfortable using
a computer, but not an expert. I still consider myself a beginner when using
the Internet.

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of 3 of my
grandparents, 2 of my great grandparents and 2 of my great great
grandparents, some gg aunts and uncle.

My primary research goals now are to find out: Anything about my Great
Grandfather Garson STEINMAN, particularly, military information, brothers?
sisters? parents?, when and where he died before my Great Grandmother
(her maiden name was Dora SCHLACHTER) and their children came to the US.

All I know about him, is that he was born in 1880 in Dvinsk , Latvia and they
got married in 1900 in Dvinsk;...Where my mother's older sibling, who died
as a baby, is buried (probably somewhere in Daugavpil or Riga)....To locate
any brothers or sisters of my mother's father Gedalie NADEL; and to determine
which military organization and war left him with a scar on his neck from

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 106361. The family names and ancestral towns
that I have entered in the JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder) are:

UNGER - >from Hesse Darmstadt, Branunsbach, Wurttemburg to Alabama, USA in 1857
SCHLACHTER - >from Braunsbach, Wurttemburg to Alabama, USA in 1857; Nirkwer,
Lithuania and Kupeske, Lithuania to Alabama, USA in 1903; Rokiskis, Lithuania;
Libau, Germany to Alabama, USA in 1922.....South Africa to Miami FL USA
STEINMAN - seeking any information on Garson Steinman who married my Great
Grandmother in Dvinsk Latvia. He died before Dora and their children came
to the U.S. >from Rokiskis, Lithuania in 1922.
STEINMAN - seeking Steinman cousins in Manitoba Canada with COHEN and RUDOLPH
on family tree
NADEL - >from Zolochiv, Ukraine; Daugavpil, Latvia; Riga, Latvia; Germany,
England, to Alabama, USA in 1927.
RUDOLPH - >from near Kiev, Scotland, to New York, Connecticut in 1915.
TEICHER - >from Nemyriv, Podolia, England, New York, Connecticut in 1916

Rena McDonald renamcdonald424@... Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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