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I have been absent >from this discussion group for some time but write
to see whether any members have knowledge of Court Jews in Bavaria,
and specifically those with the names LOEW, SELIGMANN or LILIENTHAL.

I am trying to discover more about a man called LOEW SELIGMANN, who
was born about 1680 in Schnaittach/Huettenbach. Family lore has it
that he was Quartermaster to the Elector of Bavaria and had 9
children, including LOEW SELIGMANN junior who was born in 1735 in
Schnaittach and died in 1805. The latter was married to Edel JAFE,
daughter of Baruch JAFE. She died 1790. Again according to family
lore, they had a son LOEW SELIGMANN LILIENTHAL (LSL) (born 1777 in
Schnaittach and died Oct 2, 1850). LSL married Dina LICHTENSTEIN,
daughter of Jacob and Gietel LICHTENSTEIN, and amongst their children
was Menachem (Max) LILIENTHAL who was to become a prominent Rabbi in
the US (Cincinnati especially).

So there are three fathers and sons, apparently named thus:
LOEW SELIGMANN, snr (about 1680-17??)
LOEW SELIGMANN, jnr (1735-1805)

We have conflicting reports about the first two having been
Quartermaster to the Elector of Bavaria, one of which said that LS,
jnr was Fiscal Agent to the Court of Bavaria and Quartermaster of the

There is also a report which says that LSL was Court Purveyor of
Furth. I have discovered on the Internet in a book entitled The Court
Jew that during the Seven Years War (1756-63) there was a SELIGMANN
LOEW who, along with Anschel LEVY of Schnaittach, were Court Agents of
the Upper Palatinate and "had the thankless task of provisioning the
underfed, underpaid and poorly equipped soldiers of the German armies
of the Empire."

This raises a question of whether SELIGMANN LOEW and LOEW SELIGMANN
are likely to be the same person?

If so, this would seem to indicate that the court agent mentioned was either
LS snr or jnr. Since jnr would only have been 21 at the start of that war I
incline to the idea that snr's birth-date is probably way out,
especially as it puts him at about 55 when jnr was born, and that he
might have been young enough to be active during that war.

The idea also arises in my mind that Court Jews perhaps kept the job in the
family and that there might have been two or even three generations of
the family in the various courts of Bavaria.

Then there is LSL's name. As the edict about surnames came into effect
in 1813, is it likely that perhaps LSL chose the surname LILIENTHAL ?
In a biography of Max, his father is called SELIGMAN LOB (o umlaut)
LILIENTHAL. =A0If so, does this indicate that Loew/Lob and Seligman(n)
were forenames? And perhaps inter-changeable?

Any comments or pointers to research sources would be gratefully received.

Peter Hinton, Dorset, England peter@...

researching SELIGMANN, LOEW, LILIENTHAL, Bavaria; LEHMAIER Baiersdorf, Bavaria

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