German SIG #Germany Felix BLUMENTHAL of Frankfurt am Main #germany


Dear Gersiggers,
I would be very pleased to hear >from Siggers familiar with any of the following
names or have suggestions on how to proceed with my search for descendants
of Felix and Karoline BLUMENTHAL.

Felix BLUMENTHAL born in Hamm, Westfalen was living in Frankfurt Seilerstr.
13.1 at the time of his 80th birthday (1932). His wife, Karoline nee MAYER,
died in 1918 aged 70 years (at the same address).

Children; Leo BLUMENTHAL, Isabella BLUMENTHAL married to Adolf WEISZ, and
Berty BLUMENTAL spouse of Emil SELIGMANN. (by 1918, Felix and Karoline had 3
grandchildren - names unknown).

Isabella born 1880 in Frankfurt and Adolf WEISZ born 1871 in Langenlosheim
(in the old Rhineland Pfalz) were deported >from Holland to Sobibor and
perished. Thank you

Helen Hill Perth, Australia

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