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Dottie Miller

A sharp Genner looked up the family in the book, "Juden in Breisach", by
Hans David Blum that details the Jewish families of Breisach,
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Mr. Blum wrote that My GUGGENHEIMER
ancestors came >from Waldshut, near Basel, Switzerland, which confirms
the oral history told by present-day descendants who lived in Ihringen,
Baden-Wurtemberg, till they were deported by the Nazis in 1940.
Waldshut, I am told, was closed to Jewish settlement during my ancestor
Marx GUGGENHEIMER's lifetime but neighboring Tiengen was not.

So, does anyone know how to access Tiengen life event records >from the
late 1600s to the mid 1700s?

Dottie J. Miller, San Antonio, TX

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