German SIG #Germany Searching for relatives of HAHN, MICHAELIS and BRAUN (Berlin) #germany

Judith Elam

I am searching for descendants of the following relatives, all born in
Berlin. The surnames are listed on JGFF. I have ordered some Mormon films!

1. Paul HAHN, born June 20, 1858.
2. Clara HAHN, born August 19, 1859
3. Rosa HAHN, born May 9, 1864
4. Theodora NATHAN and Salomon MICHAELIS, married Movember 1, 1859
5. Helene NATHAN and Abraham Adolph BRAUN, married December 23, 1868

I am also looking for relatives of the parents of the HAHN siblings.
Their parents were Leopold HAHN and Zerline WEINBERG, who were married in
Berlin and died in Berlin.

I received the information above >from the Geheimes Staatsarchiv, Preussicher
Kulturbesitz, e-mail who have been most helpful.
The information was found in the Juden und Dissidentenregister of Berlin
1812 - 1874. They charged me 64 euros for 2 hours' research.

Do you recognize any of the above names on your tree? If so, please contact
me directly at

Judith Elam, Kihei, Hawaii USA

Researching (all >from Berlin) WEISS, NATHAN, HAHN, ITZIG, BENDA, BRAUN, LEWY,

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