German SIG #Germany Seeking a SCHWAB family from Hanau #germany

Daniel Schwab <daniel.schwab@...>

Firstly thank you so much to all those wonderful people who have
replied to my request for information posted to this list last week.

I am searching for any living "blood" male relatives who are directly
related to my father's SCHWAB of Hanau, lineage and to this day still
carry the SCHWAB family name.

from the feedback I received, it seems that there are two high
priority areas for research.

1. Regards the original area >from which my ancestors moved to Hanau;
According to the introduction that my grandfather wrote for his
genealogical records "All male direct descendants of the [Max SCHWAB]
family mentioned herein were born and domiciled in Hanau, with the exception
of the first who seems to have settled some years before his death arriving
from the south of "Germany" (Schwaben)".
Do you have any information on the Jewish community that lived in this
area around the 1500's? This would be very helpful to perhaps link up
with other SCHWAB families who came >from the same area but settled in
other towns around Germany.

2. I had a relative named Abraham SCHWAB who moved >from Hanau in the
late 1800's or early 1900's to Berlin, was a Jeweler and died
circa.1922/3. Nothing else is known about this relative. Did he marry?
Did he have children? Why did he move to Berlin?

I would be most great full to anyone who can assist me in this matter.

Sincerely, Daniel Schwab, Jerusalem Israel

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