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Roger Lustig


I'm a little mystified about the "fleeing Prussia" part, since
Koenigsberg was the capital of East Prussia and technically *the* royal
city of the Kings of Prussia.

In a previous posting you mentioned that the man had 12 children. Were
these born before or after 1848? Either way, Berlin birth records
before that date, and quite a few Koenigsberg records after, are
available on microfilm. Moreover, Jacob Jacobson's compilation of
Berlin citizen books (Buergerbuecher) for 1812-1859 could be of great help.

Also, there are no KLEINs on the Berlin citizenship register of 1812.
GASSMANN appears only in two places in Germany back then: Gleiwitz and
surroundings in Upper Silesia (part of Prussia), and Mannheim (clear the
other end of Germany). As it was an unusual name, choosing it might not
have been a good way to go undercover...

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA Research co-ordinator, GerSIG

Carolyn Simon wrote:
" I've inquired in the past about a ggf who was forced to flee Prussia, change
his name >from KLEIN to GASSMANN and move to KONIGSBURG (now Kalingrad)
when he found himself on the losing side of a coup in about 1848. He was born
in BERLIN in 1808. Is anyone missing a relative who matches this information?"

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