Police foreigner files in France 1938-1948 #france

Manuela Wyler <m.wyler@...>

The website jewishtraces.org was updated with 6500 new entries in the
database Various list 1939-1945 on the search page at
http://www.jewishtraces.org/search.php or through Steve Morse search

The project jewishtraces is run by a French nonprofit organization
dorot|association d'histoire, which goal is to provide information for
families and researchers on the fate of Jewish refugees in Europe, the
online databases have now 25 000 entries all related to documents,
mostly >from administrative sources. Another set of 240 000 entries
are offline and being processed in order to be published.

The update of this month are made of list of foreigners staying in the
department of the Rhone in France (Lyon capital of the administrative
area) The 6500 entries were selected through a database of more than
50000 names >from which Germans, Austrians, Polish, Czechs, Turkish,
stateless etc. were extracted for the period between 1938 and 1948.
The birth place is not given, but in the comment field you have access
to the reference file in the Archives Departementales du Rhone in Lyon
where you can have access to the file. The average size of a foreigner
file is 5-10 documents, sometimes with picture ( 50%) handwritten letters,
from the former country of residence or citizenship. Sometimes it can
be up to 100 documents for an individual. Also we entered the dates
of the file beginning and ending dates. These files are planned to be
digitized beginning of 2009 but will not be online because of regulation.

If you have questions about individuals >from other nationalities than
the one listed or other comments or if you would request a copy of a file,
feel free to contact the website at contact[@]dorot.fr (remove the
brackets),also if your relatives were in this area before 1938 or after
1948 information can be provided and a copy of the file can be made as
long as it's closed before 1958 due to the regulation in France on
private information and the new archive law. Also check the birth date
among the answers you get, because often the first name was "Frenchised"
by the administration or the individuals.

Also a new article on Kristallnacht was published with the testimony of
Herschel Grynszpan's father at the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem regarding
his son and the deportation of Polish Jews >from the Reich to Zbaszyn.

Chana tova to all and may this year bring us answers to our researches.

Manuela Wyler, Lyon France

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