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Martha Paradies <meparadies@...>

Hello GerSig,
I have just joined the group. I have been researching for over a decade. I
consider myself to be advanced in doing Jewish German research.

I live in Manila, Philippines. But I am an American, living here for 40 years.
My language is English. I consider my self advanced in using a compuer.
My internet experience is extensive.

My PARADIES tree consists of over 2000 names and 11 generations. I also
have many trees of families who married into the family PARADIES. The Family
originated >from Westphalia, Germany and has spread globally since the
early 1900's.

I am in the process of putting all my data and info into a book that will
detail the family and include historical background info.

I am hoping to find sources that will fill in some of the spaces of out
tree. I am also looking for Gunther Steinberg, Egmar Ruppert and Brent Harris.
I have lost contact with these people and hope to re-connect soon.

I am willing to help others in any way I am able, even if it is
only to help them find the time and motivation to not give up on
the family search. Thank you.

Martha Paradies, Manila, Philippines JGDF ID 423399

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