German SIG #Germany NATHAN - ViewMate request re: - Documents circa 1790 #germany


I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer on deciphering and
translating two documents I have posted on Viewmate: 14701 and 14702.

The one I am most interested in, 14701, appears to be the death Act
from 1797 of my g-g-g-g grandfather Jacob Nathan (written as Jegoff
Nathan), of Uttenheim Alsace.

The other, I am hoping, is the death certificate of his widow Scheinel,
from a few years later also in Uttenheim. (Though, it looks like it
is for Scheinel Elias, and I believe Jacob's widow was Scheinel Ephraim
so it probably isn't a match.)

These are in a hard-to-read old German script, so it would really help
if someone out there who is really good at reading 200+ year old German
documents would be willing to take a look. Thanks much in advance. [Reply
off list, please.]

Larry Frankel Washington, DC

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