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Michael Marx <MHMarx@...>

I have obtained some documents about my family in Camp de Gurs. There
is a card for my grandmother, Ernestine Marx, with a column on the
right side labeled " Indication sommaire des motifs d'internement".

She arrived in the camp on 25 October 1940 on a transport from
Mannheim. The first entry in this column is a stamped date 24 AVR 1941.

Was this when the camp finally got around to creating a record?
There are then a number of handwritten entries which seem to indicate
that she was moved several time between the barracks and the "hospital
central". I know she was ill, and I presume this was a hospital in the
camp. She was then moved to the Hospice de Macon (S and Loire) on 6
October 1943 where she died in February 1944. Macon is quite a distance
from Gurs. Why would they have moved an elderly, frail woman to Macon?
Michael Marx, Lexington, MA, USA

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