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Achille RICARD (AKA "pied de boeuf" ) (1879-1957) was born in Massachusetts.

The mother was >from Scotland and the father was Charles BRACH >from Saarlouis
(France). He emigrated to the US (possibly because Saarlouis was annexed
by Germany due to the 1870 war with France) and changed his name to RICARD
on his marriage certificate (1878) in a Christian church wedding.
My parents and I emigrated to the US in 1941 and went to meet our cousins in
Wilmington, DE. My source of this AKA is >from him, whom my parents (and I)
met in the late 1940s. My mother was into genealogy and noted the fact in
that family's file.

Achile RICARD is a first cousin twice removed >from me,

Pierre M Hahn
San Francisco

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<< I have an ancestor who was nicknamed (AKA) "pied de boeuf" . What
connotation is attached to such a name ? >>

==It might have helped if you mentioned the approximate date and location.
And the language in which he was given that name.

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