Re: Rules for posting messages to the FrenchSIG! #france

Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Dear Fellow FrenchSIGgers,

As we start the New Year of 5769 it seems to be a good time to remind
one and all of the proper ways in which messages are to be sent to this
list - and all other JewishGen lists.

First of all, the JewishGen server does not recognize international
accent marks . The server can only accept messages in Plain Text. This
means that if you are sending a message >from France, Belgium, etc. you
should not use any diacritical marks. In their place you should only
use the plain letter, without any accent. Otherwise all that arrives
is garbled text. This creates problems for the Moderators, who are likely
to return your message to you, asking for the correct letters to be used.

Further please abide by these rules when posting!:
-Provide a meaningful Subject line
-If posting a response, copy the portion of the message to which
you are responding. Do NOT copy the entire message and
message tag lines. Do NOT use the Reply function for
Digest messages.
-Last names to which you are referring, and last names ONLY should
be in CAPS
-Stay on topic. Do not ramble off.
-Sign your article with your full name, and place of residence

We thank you for your cooperation!
L'Shana Tova
Rosanne Leeson
Pierre Hahn

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