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Hello all,
I am researching my ggrandfather David Michael BLUMENTHAL and am following a
bunch of different leads. When he first came to the US in 1880/1881 he lived
with Alexander BLUMENTHAL in NYC with Alexander's wife Pauline
(nee SELIGSOHN) and their children.

Alexander died in 1881 and I was able to find his death certificate which
does not list a town of birth. I found some info on Jewish Gen about
a daughter they had named Doris who stayed in Germany and married and
died in Schneidemuhl and is also buried there.

It also lists Alexander and Pauline as having lived there before moving
to the UK and then on to the US. Doris's town of birth is listed as
Samotschin Prussia which I assume is near Schneidemuhl. If anyone has any info
on the BLUMENTHAL family in that area please email me privately at:

I believe Alexander had brothers named Isaac, Nathan and Israel.
I have been in contact with some folks in the UK and US who are related
to Nathan and Israel. Isaac was my ggrandfather's father. I would love
some proof to tie everyone together. Thanks,

Amybeth Gregory, Baltimore, MD, (born in Rochester, NY)

BLUMENTHAL in Schneidemuhl/Pila Prussia, Ukraine, Rochester, NY

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