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P. S. Wyant

Shalom, Elizabeth,

I also have a fair bit of information on the Dunera ... my father was on
board and was one of the internees at Hay and Tatura. I'd be pleased to
share what I have with you and the woman who was doing the searching. I have also
trolled the Australia archives and there is much information that is available,
although, curiously, some records are still "Classified" for a 100-year period!

This September is the 70th anniversary of the Dunera's landing at Darling Harbor,
Sydney, and events are planned for there and at Hay (and elsewhere) in
memory of that terrible time. Some of these events are being planned by the
Dunera Association in Australia, some by government and the National Museum
of Australia. My wife and I will be in Australia >from late August to late
Sep and will take part. Regards,

Peter Wyant Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada wyants@...

"Elizabeth Levy" <levyliz@...> Wrote:
Subject: [gersig] Information re relatives in Australia - Records online

I was contacted recently by a woman in Australia researching people who
sailed on the Dunera ship to Australia. She enquired about my great uncle
who was on the ship. She already had a great deal of information >from the
Internet. One of the sites she used was the National Archives of
Australia website at I am writing to you, my fellow
researchers, because I think that there are two sections that will be of
interest you:...........<snip>

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