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Ralph Baer

While researching, my uncle's family tree discussed in my earlier message
today, I Googled all of the town-family name combinations in his ancestry.
One of those is the family name JOEL >from the town of Colmberg in
Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia). Therese (Terz) JOEL was the wife of my
uncle's grandfather Abraham MANASSE. She was born on 8 December 1842 in
Colmberg and died in Talheim near Heilbronn in Wuerttemberg on 10 November
1931. Her parents were Feist (Feitel) JOEL (10 April 1806 Colmberg - 25
February 1895 Colmberg) and Sophie (Schiefele) HUTZLER (1 January 1800
Hagenbach - 30 March 1849 Colmberg). Feist JOEL remarried twice after
Sophie's death, to Mina LINDETAL of Feuchtwangen and to Mina ULMER (ULLMANN)
also of Feuchtwangen. Feist JOEL's father was Joel Feist married to Esther
HAHN. [By the way, I suspect that the date 1 January 1800 is wrong.]

The Google search brought up many references to the fact that the Helmut
(Howard in the US) JOEL, the father of the musician Billy JOEL, was born in
Colmberg. Further searching bought up the information that Helmut JOEL's
father was Karl Amson JOEL, his grandfather Julius JOEL, and Julius was the
son of Faust [sic] JOEL, born in 1806 in Colmberg. "Faust" was clearly the
same person as Feist JOEL.

While I am not researching this family at this time, I am curious as to
whether Julius JOEL was a brother or a half-brother of my uncle's
grandmother Therese MANASSE nee JOEL. Because Julius JOEL was almost
certainly named for his grandfather Joel Feist who had died before the
Colmberg vital records started, I suspect that he was also >from Feist JOEL's
first marriage with Sophie HUTZLER, but I do not have easy access to
Colmberg vital records. Does anyone know?

Ralph Baer Washington, DC

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