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Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

Hello! I have just signed up for the list, and want to introduce the
line I'm interested in. I recently discovered that my husband's
great-grandfather and four siblings came >from Fuerth, Bavaria, to the
US in the late 1800s. I have the names of the parents of these
siblings, but no other information about them, and am hoping to
connect with someone who can help in extending the lines.

In return, I have identified a large number of the descendants of this
couple in the US, and would be glad to share information.

In response to some suggestions I've had >from people off this list:
I know that the Family History Library has some sources for Fuerth, but the
few hours the local FHC is open are not convenient for me (this business
of working full time really gets in the way of genealogical research!).
There are some books about Jews in Fuerth in the New York Public Library,
and I hope to look at them at some point, but it's a two hour train trip
from here, and I'm waiting until some time when I have to go to NYC
for something else (see above, "working full time"!).

My husband's great-grandfather, Leo OPPENHEIMER, was born in Fuerth on
24 Aug. 1848, son of Max and Jeannette (LOWENSTEIN) OPPENHEIMER. Leo
married Emma ALTBURGER (a Christian); lived in College Point, Queens
Co., NY; died in 1914
Four of Leo's siblings also came to the US:
*Babette OPPENHEIMER, born 15 Jan. 1846, married Philip RAPPAPORT
(also >from Fuerth, but marriage took place in the US), lived in
Indianapolis, died 1908 (in Berlin on a visit to Germany); also not
observant; they were members of a Freidenker society in Indianapolis;
*Joseph OPPENHEIMER, born Feb. 1853(?), married Bessie GUNDERSHEIMER
in NYC, lived in New York City, died 1900;
*Fanni OPPENHEIMER, born 29 Feb. 1856, married Max KUEHNRICH in
Chicago, lived in Indianapolis and California, then returned to
Germany with her twin daughters (who attended university there), and
died there(?) between 1923-1927;
*Marie OPPENHEIMER, born 8 Jan. 1862, married in NYC 1) Karl AUGUSTIN;
2) Fritz KRIMMEL, lived in NYC area; died 31 Oct. 1924 in NYC.

This family may have some connections in Cincinnati, as Leo
OPPENHEIMER filed his first papers for citizenship there.

I look forward to hearing >from anyone who can help with this line!

Christine Crawford-OPPENHEIMER Hyde Park, NY <>

Author of: Long-Distance Genealogy: Researching Your Ancestors >from Home

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