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Dear Siggers and Genners,
My late father in law David APOTHEKER(1908-1995) who was the youngest son
was born in Bardejov,Slovakia had several siblings. He filled in the early
1970s PoTs at Yad Vashem with a help of friend who knew little more Hebrew
than he.
We knew that he had a brother who lived before the war in BudapestA0 but
none of the PoTs for his several brothers mentions Budapest.

Recently Yad Vashem added more names >from other sources(German& Hungarian
victims lists) and we realize now that the dates of birth he gave were not a
ccurate(deviations of 5 to 8 years in each direction). But we found out that
his brother Leo/Leibish APOTHEKER was born actually in 1899(and not in 1907)
and he is the one who lived in Budapest. His name was actually Juda Leib
APOTHEKER and in Hungary he was called Lipot APOTHEKER.He was shot on 17/11/1944.

I checked for APOTHEKER and found that his spouse
Carta nee FISCHER(b. 1895 in Mannheim) survived the war and in 1946 lived
at 6,Csengery in Budapest.
I am being told that in Hungary they used to mention the mother's surname,not
the father's so we do not know what was Carta's father surname.

Needless to say that we are surprised and excited but need more leads. Maybe
some of their children survived as well(if they ever had children).
I would ask the readers to check this at NEVEK website since I am not
acquainted with it.

If any of the above rings a bell or if any one has an idea how to follow it
in Mannheim, Germany please let me know. Thanks.

Jacob Rosen, Jerusalem

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