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I've been revising my immediate family data and realize that I don't
know the detailed history of names of my immediate direct ancestors.

German documents for my father (b. 1906) and his father seem to use
the LOEWENSTEIN spelling after about 1920. Would I be correct to use
"about 1920" in "name change" footnotes? The family lived in Hessen /
Nassau if that might make a difference.

My grandfather was known as Alfred LOEWENSTEIN but his birth record
(1872) shows "Albert" Lowenstein (o umlaut) as his given name. A last
will legalized in 1922 reads "Albert genannt Alfred Loewenstein". The
change >from Albert to Alfred happened around the time Opa served in the
German army in World War 1. I suspect that he stopped using the name of
the late English prince to be politically correct. Does that sound like
a good guess? Thanks for all feedback.

I'll soon post some of these old birth, marriage, death and legal
documents at ViewMate and will appreciate help with translation.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban New York JPLowens@...

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