German SIG #Germany BOOK CITE - The HOMBERGER family from Karlsruhe by Esther Ramon #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

A friend of GerSIG has called my attention to this book by GerSIG
member Esther Ramon.

"The Homburger Family >from Karlsruhe" was published in 1992 but seems
not to have been previously mentioned in our Forum.
The HOMBERGER family study covers 1674 - 1990. The book contains
genealogical tables on fold-out pages, a bibliography and an index.

Author Esther Ramon has an MA in history and geographny and is a
retired secondary school teacher. She was a co-founder of the Israel
Genealogical Society and served as its president for 15 years. She
has researched 3 more of her German family branches back 7 to 9 generations.

For more details about the HOMBERGER - Karlsruhe book contact George
Brucks <> who provided the information above.

More information about Esther Ramon and her research interessts can be
found with a SIG archives search for "Esther then Ramon"

John Lowens, Suburban NYC

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