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Ervin and Roz'i SINGER, both born about 1910, lived in Koln for many years
till they passed away in old age. Roz'i, who was my father's cousin, died in
about 2003 in tragic circumstances and Erwin died in about 2005.
Their last address was in DomStrasse. They are probably buried in the
Jewish cemetery of Koln.

I wonder if any of the researchers has got access to the cemetery database
and is able to find their burial location and any other details such as
date of death.

Also, as much as I know, Ervin SINGER had 5 brothers, one of them
(unknown first name), was a lawyer in Koln, passed away about 1960.
None of the 6 brothers had children.

I have no more information about the family but I wonder if it rings a bell
to any of the researchers. Thank you in advance,

Yohanan Loeffler Melbourne Australia loeflery@...

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