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Although several hundred thousand German and Austrian Jewish and non-Jewish
children and adults were murdered within Germany between 1938 and 1941 in
Nazi euthanasia programs, information on the identities of these victims is
highly restricted. Datenschutz is given as the reason for these severe
access restrictions and, unlike suicides, German Jewish victims of
euthanasia are not included in the Gedenkbuch. In 2002 an Israeli woman.
Hagai Aviel, obtained access to a small portion of the lists of these
victims and she has placed this list on the web at:

The information consists of family, including maiden, and given names and
dates of birth. Dates of death and places of birth and death are not given.
Persons who can demonstrate that they are relatives may write to the
Bundesarchiv and request copies of the files on their relatives. While an
"eyeball" examination of the list indicates that Jews represent a small
percentage of the names, this list is worth checking.

For persons seeking further information on Nazi euthanasia programs I
recommend Henry Friedlander's The Origins of Nazi Genocide, >from Euthanasia
to the Final Solution.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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