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Reuven Mohr

Roger Lustig <GerSIG.Research@...> wrote:
Gerhard Buck kindly provided links to the Hessian State Archive in
Marburg, which has become the archive for Hessian civil vital records
since 1874. At the Marburg Archive site one can see a list of registers
they've already received and cataloged.

What about the rest of Germany? Where are other states depositing the
old books? Anyone with *recent* experience, please, please let us know!
It would be wonderful to assemble a list for our web pages.........

My experience within the last months is with Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden

There is no state-rule!
You have to check each and every place you want to visit for research
of records and find out where those records are located.
There are "Standesaemter" which still hold the old records, but let
you have access without restriction, so de facto they act like archives.

Other places have moved the old records to local archives.
I have not seen places where the records were moved to state archives.

Things are still in process - as we see >from the Hessen site.

Reuven Mohr Israel

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