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Judith Elam

My relative, Hans Jacob FULD-TRAUMANN, died in 1923. He was 13. He was
buried in Weissensee cemetery, Berlin. Together with the burial documents I
received >from Weissensee was a letter written by Hans' father, Alfred
FULD-TRAUMANN, authorizing Hans to be buried in the same grave as Georg
BENDA, who was Hans' mother's (Lucie WEISS FULD-TRAUMANN) first husband.
This authorization was given, in accordance with Lucie's request to have her
son buried with her first husband! So Hans was not related to Georg BENDA
and never knew him, because Georg died 6 years before Hans was even born!
They share the same gravestone. Georg Benda drowned at Rousseau Island in
the Tiergarten.

Can anyone offer any explanation as to why a father would authorize his son
to be buried together with his wife's first husband, a total stranger? And
why would Lucie even want this arrangement for their son?

I have been puzzled by this for a long time now!

Judith Elam, Kihei, HI

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