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Gerhard Buck <buckidstein@...>

When a student has passed his first state examination and wants to become a
state officer, he or she has to undergo a practical training of usually two
years with the title Referendar / female: Referendarin. This period is
called Referendariat / Referendarsausbildung / Referendarszeit. It ends with
the second state examination. A prefix tells you what the Refendar wants to
become; e.g.: Studienreferendar - a teacher (cf. my text for our forum of
07.01.2011), Archivreferendar - an archivist, Gerichtsreferendar - a judge.
When there is no defining word at the beginning, the short form very often
refers to a Gerichtsreferendar.

As a Referendar the former students gets his first, moderate salary and is
about 25 years old. In former times (modern times are different!), he could
now think of marrying. That means that one cannot necessarily find such a
person in an address book, because he need not have an independent household.
When this title appears on a headstone, a young person must lie there.

Gerhard Buck, Idstein, Germany

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