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Kari Farnell <kari21632@...>

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for abour 6 years.
I consider myself to be a beginner in doing German Jewish Genealogy research.
I live in Federalsburg, Maryland, USA. My native language is English.
I consider myself intermediate in using a computer. My experience in using the
Internet is intermediate

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of my grandparents,
all of my great grandparents and a couple of my great great grandparents.

My primary research goals now are to find out if my family is indeed descended
from the Jewish faith. We only have suscpicions, no proof and I would love to
prove it.

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 280543. The family names and ancestral towns
that I have entered in the JGFF are FISCHBACH >from Prussia (1840s); APPEL
from Hesse/Darmstadt, Germany (1840s).
My great-grandfather was >from Baltimore, Maryland. His name was Henry FISCHBACH
and he was born in the 1860s. His father was Gottfried (various spellings)
FISCHBACH who (nearest I can find) was born in the 1840s and came to Maryland
from Prussia in the early 1860s.
My great-grandmother was >from Philadelphia, PA. Her name was Elizabeth APPEL
and she was born in 1869. Her parents were Jacob APPEL and Catherine
(unknown maiden name). I do not know if they were married in Germany
or in the US, but Jacob came >from Germany in the 1860s and was born in the
1840s. He is listed as being >from Hesse/Darmstadt.

It may seem strange, but I am searching because my brother feels that our
grandmother and pictures of her sisters and mother, have a strong Eastern
European/Jewish look. We have never know the family to be Jewish, but are
interested in figuring out if in fact we are or not.

I'm also wondering, if I determine that my family is of Jewish descent, was
there a particular reason why, in the mid 1800s, Jewish families would have
left Europe and/or may have renounced the religion, or chosen not to continue
practicing their Jewish heritage once coming to the US.

I'm also wondering about DNA testing. Is it possible to tell through DNA
testing if you are descended >from the Jewish line and if so, should it be a male
that does the testing, or can a female? Thanks for any help you can give.
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free at: Answers to this DNA
question should be very brief or sent off list.]

Kari Farnell Federalsburg, Maryland

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