German SIG #Germany SITE CITE -Successful search for private photos of Jewish families in Hessen #germany

Dorothee Lottmann-Kaeseler <>

New website with more than 4,00 photographs went online April 14th 2011:

Old photos for young Germans – this was our quest as we began three years ago,
searching for images >from the Hessian territories, today the State of Hessen.

It is comprised of the areas around Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden (Nassau),
Offenback,Kassel, Fulda, Marburg, Hanau, Giessen, etc.

Since the main educational audience of the project is at German students,
the "public sector" is presently offered only in a German version.
Eventually, though, we hope to have the funding for a version in English,
to facilitate the search and share the descriptive texts.

Very many individuals and institutions participated, among them a number
of Gersig members. Our thanks go to all who shared their photo treasures
with us.

According the donors' wishes copyrights are respected.

More photos are highly welcome!

Once, before the Nazi period, there was a thriving Jewish population in Hesse.
How did Jews live in these over 300 small and medium size villages, towns
and cities? This is shown with photos of individuals, families, and activities
in their communal environment.

Pictures of everyday life, religious events, festivities, of professional
or business activities, of sports and other forms of public life are presented.
Visual impressions are amended by short textual descriptions and comments.

This will contribute to a more accurate image of the diversity and also
the normality of Jewish existence in the decades before 1933.

But the years after the Nazis took power also are documented. Thus the
beginning of the Nazi persecution and its effects on Jewish life can
be estimated more accurately.

Photos of the emigration and escape are included as well.

Dorothee Lottmann-Kaeseler, Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany <>

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