German SIG #Germany Searching for Judsiche Volkszeitung newspaper 1883 #germany

Paul King

I have been unable to locate any library deposit or finding aid through
Internet means of the newspaper ** Judische Volkszeitung ** for the year 1883
(there is an isolated on-line article here or there). Apparently, the
newspaper was founded in 1877 and continued for at least a decade, and was
likely publishing out of New York City. I cannot be certain whether it is
solely in German or also contains Yiddish entries. There are newspapers of
the same name publishing at later dates - they are not relevant.

I have searched to no avail the following on-line sites:
WorldCat Leo Baeck & YIVO New York Public Library
German-Language Newspaper Access in North America and UNT Digital Library

Please reply privately to: Paul King, Jerusalem

Searching KONIG/KOENIG/KING Sigmund b. 1871 in NYC; WETZLER (Chicago)

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