Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive #96 #france

Ernest Kallmann

This is a belated posting of the summary of Revue du Cercle de Genealogie
Juive, Paris, # 96.

The origin in Metz of the Alsatian family GROTWOHL : Part 1 :from
Frankfurt to Ettendorf.

Pascal Faustini's research about the GROTWOHLs show that they origin in
Frankurt/Main. At the time the Jewish community was founded in Metz (late
16^th , early 17^th century) three apparently unrelated GROTWOHL families
were mentioned. In his personal genealogy research, Guy Worms has studied
what has become of the successive waves of GROTWOHLS arriving in Metz and
Alsace; he suggests the seducing and plausible assumption of a common
ancestor, Ephraim, the missing link. (to be continued)

Denis Ingold: The roots of Philippe BOUVARD in Cernay.

The French humorist Philippe BOUVARD has family roots in Cernay, as had
Capitaine Alfred DREYFUS. Cernay, 18 kilometers North-West of Mulhouse,
has been famous for its cattle trade fairs. The author searches their
common family, the GENSBURGER >from Cernay.

Laurent Kassel : visiting cemeteries in Budapest.

During a three-day visit to Budapest in November 2007 the author discovers
a whole new section of his family tree. As he lives in Israel the geographic
and cultural distance explains why twenty years have passed between his
visit to Vienna in 1896 and his trip to Hungary in 2007. The latter allows
him to discover the past of his family before it settles in Vienna and

Philippe Danan, Anna and Christian Fizet:
A petition in Algiers, 1831 or Jacob Bacri's political death/.

As soon as France occupies Algeria in 1830, the new commander-in-chief,
General CLAUSEL, names Jacob BACRI head of the "Jewish nation". The authors
explain how a petition signed by 16 Jewish notabilities, probably induced
by Clausel's successor General Berthez=Ene, results in the creation of a new
organ, the Hebraic Counsel, and thus Jacob BACRI's ousting >from political

The signatures of the Algiers petition are translated and analyzed by
Eliane Roos-Schuhl.

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